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Can’t anyone get safe sleep around here?

Sleep seems to be one of the most sought after things this time of year.  Even more important is the sleep our children get (which means that we can get something done!). However, this is also a dangerous time of year as families travel and small children sometimes must sleep in different locations. In addition, as we bundle little ones up, we may not realize the danger they may be placed in.

I’ve written about the ABC’s of safe sleep on multiple occasions, but this issue cannot be talked about enough.  In Montgomery County alone, one baby dies every 6 weeks from unsafe sleep practices. Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced product recalls for the Nap Nanny and PeaPod Travel Tents for child deaths. As you travel, or have visitors, this holiday season ensure that kids have safe places to sleep.

A couple reminders:

  • Infants should have a place to sleep with a firm mattress and no extra blankets or stuffed animals. Couches, pillows, bean bag chairs or piles or blankets are not safe for infants to sleep on.
  • If you are concerned about your infant getting cold at night, use a heavier set of PJ’s or sleep sack vs. blankets.
  • If you are staying in a hotel and will be using a crib ensure that it is not a drop side crib.

Happy sleeping!

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