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  • Jessica Saunders

    Mommy safety blogger, Jessica Saunders, is the director for the Center of Child Health and Wellness at Dayton Children's. She also serves with Safe Kids Greater Dayton, an organization dedicated to preventing childhood injuries. Follow her adventures as the mother of a newborn and a toddler, sharing safety concerns and tips with the Dayton community.

Step Right Up!

We recently purchased a new home and one of the biggest changes will be that we actually have stairs with easy access for Mary.  Of course, we are going to do our very best to block her from the stairs … Continue reading

The Life (Strait) Jacket – Part Two

We just got back from vacation and I’m amazed and how much can change in a year! As you may remember, last year on vacation Mary was introduced to her life jacket. Needless to say, it was a very unpleasant, … Continue reading

Texting and the Teenager

I don’t have a teenager yet…although sometimes I think that I do! In any case, I’ve been following the recent Ohio legislation regarding texting and driving. The law makes texting with handheld devices a secondary offense for adults. And the … Continue reading

Taking a bite out of teething pain

Well it’s about time.  Mary finally is getting some teeth.  She’s 16+ months old.  I have to admit – I love her toothless grin.  But we can’t keep cutting up her food into itty bitty pieces forever – right? I … Continue reading

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