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  • Jessica Saunders

    Mommy safety blogger, Jessica Saunders, is the director for the Center of Child Health and Wellness at Dayton Children's. She also serves with Safe Kids Greater Dayton, an organization dedicated to preventing childhood injuries. Follow her adventures as the mother of a newborn and a toddler, sharing safety concerns and tips with the Dayton community.

Easy car seat safety checklist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for safety mom!  It’s Child Passenger Safety Week! I have a spring in my step! This year, I have a great checklist to share with you from Safe Kids USA. It’s the … Continue reading

The amazing world of child passenger safety technicians

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of taking 15 new child passenger safety technicians through the 32-hour Child Passenger Safety Certification. This was an amazing group of people who are now going to be working in their communities to … Continue reading

I Called This One

I remember as a pre-teen in the 80’s and early 90’s there were these really cool things called “slap bracelets.” I know I had quite the collection.  They were made of metal covered with fabric. They came straight but then … Continue reading

Stepping up for safety

We all know that I’m a bit of a safety dork and probably notice more about safety than most. However, I’m beginning to see how some of this safety “dorkdum” is beginning to change things. Lately I’ve been happy to … Continue reading

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