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  • Jessica Saunders

    Mommy safety blogger, Jessica Saunders, is the community relations manager at Dayton Children's. She also serves as the coordinator of Safe Kids Greater Dayton, an organization dedicated to preventing childhood injuries. Follow her adventures as the mother of a toddler, sharing safety concerns and tips with the Dayton community.

New Home. New Dangers.

We recently purchased a new home.  While we are excited about the extra space, we’ve quickly learned that with more space comes more hazards for a busy toddler. I’ve already shared with you about our adventures with stairs.  (Mary now … Continue reading

Moving Tips for Toddlers

We recently moved and it was sure a process – who knew I could collect so much stuff.  Having a toddler doesn’t help – she has tons of clothing and randomly shaped toys. I can’t say the move was stress … Continue reading

The Blessing of Dogs

I love my dog, Bella.  So does Mary.  I was really worried about Bella when Mary first arrived.  Bella was our first child.  I was so worried that they wouldn’t get along.  However, I’m happy to report that Bella and … Continue reading

Step Right Up!

We recently purchased a new home and one of the biggest changes will be that we actually have stairs with easy access for Mary.  Of course, we are going to do our very best to block her from the stairs … Continue reading

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