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    Follow @DrMomSquad on Twitter for the latest updates from the squad! The Dayton Children's Dr. Mom Squad is made up of women who share two very important things in common: they are all doctors and they are all moms. The four women on the blog are Patricia Abboud, MD; Shalini Forbis, MD; Stacy Meyer, MD; and Melissa King, DO. These four women are joining together with three big goals in mind… to connect with other mom’s, share their medical expertise and share what it’s like to be a doctor AND a mom! Each week you will hear from a different Dr. Mom. They each come from varying specialties and have different ages of kids at home making them able to share different experiences and each provide good advice on a variety of topics! We hope the “Dr. Mom Squad,” becomes your go to source for information on your child’s health from other mom’s just like you!

Ouch mommy, my ear hurts!

It’s 4am and I am awakened for the third time to, “Ouch Mommy it hurts, my ear hurts.”  With the first and second awakening Audrey immediately fell right back to sleep, but this time she escalates into some screaming and … Continue reading

My love hate relationship with nasal saline

I am sure that each of you reading this can relate…  we have all been there. The sudden waking at 2 am by a fussy child who doesn’t want to eat, doesn’t want or need a diaper change, doesn’t want … Continue reading

Holiday tradition failure

Over the holidays I wanted to start a new tradition. In light of my brother passing last year I long to do more with his children. The 2 youngest are 7 and 4 years of age. Audrey simply LOVES her … Continue reading

Arsenic in juice?

I had an interesting question from a patient’s mother the other day in clinic. She had read a recent article in the Dayton Daily News regarding arsenic in different juices. She was asking me about the need to test her … Continue reading

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