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  • Lora Scott MD

    Lora Scott, MD, is the medical director for primary care sports medicine at Dayton Children's. Her blog includes relevant topics for athletes of all ages on sports nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

What do athletic trainers do?

March is National Athletic Trainer month and Brain Injury Awareness month. These are both major topics in sports medicine. Although each deserve their own blog, now is a great time to introduce who athletic trainers are and the role they … Continue reading

5 ways to get kids involved in your fitness routine

Time Magazine recently published an article on fitness trends in 2015. Many of these have been around for years, but their popularity continues to grow as we learn about their benefits. Today’s post is a quick review of these trends, … Continue reading

How to dress your kids for a snow day

By: Dr. Lora Scott, Sports Medicine I grew up in Arkansas. Snow days meant getting up before the snow melted, digging through your closet for hand-me-down, mismatched, ill-fitting hats, gloves, scarves, and boots, then playing until your clothes were soaked … Continue reading

The Super Bowl and gender stereotypes

Another Super Bowl is in the record books. I knew I would write something about it before the game even started, but there were so many different potential topics that I wasn’t sure where to begin. Numerous players had injuries. … Continue reading

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