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    We love to bring in our experts from Dayton Children's to share health on safety tips on what they know best... KIDS! Check out the end of the blog post for specific author information!

Listen Up!………Ways to Protect Your Hearing

Approximately 5.2 million (12.5%) children and adolescents have suffered permanent damage to their hearing caused by excessive noise exposure.  This occurs from damage to the structures of the inner ear and/or nerve fibers resulting in permanent hearing loss.  It can … Continue reading

Managing the sniffles at home

Dayton Children’s Guest Blogger, Stacy Roehrs,  clinical pharmacist It seems like every day there is a new recommendation for children regarding cough and cold medicines. As a pediatric pharmacist at Dayton Children’s, I often get asked how parents can manage … Continue reading

Food insecurity

Children need nutritious food to play, learn, and grow.  While most kids in the U.S. have plenty to eat, some do not know if there will be safe, healthy food available for their next meal.  These children experience food insecurity, … Continue reading

Eating Disorder Awareness Month

When I think about eating disorders, I think less about food and more about the pain the person feels.  Busy schedules, missed family meals,  limited time to talk, no one to really listen, and lacking time to “be” (meditate, pray, … Continue reading

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