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    We love to bring in our experts from Dayton Children's to share health on safety tips on what they know best... KIDS! Check out the end of the blog post for specific author information!

Discover the 18 Ways Dayton Children's is Just Right For Kids!

Dear Dayton Children’s Community: Hello! My name is Maureen and my son Colin has been receiving care at Dayton Children’s for the past ten years. I am here today to invite you to join me in something really special! Kids … Continue reading

Benefits of breastfeeding

This week is World Breastfeeding Week. As many women enter pregnancy, the question often arises of whether they should breastfeed or not. Many soon to be moms have questions and concerns about what is best for their baby. However there … Continue reading

The Missing Vitamin

Can you guess which vitamin over 50 million children in the United States have low levels of? If you guessed Vitamin D then you are correct! Vitamin D helps to build a healthy skeleton and immune system, but many children … Continue reading

Flip Flop Frenzy! How to choose the best shoes this summer.

By: Dana Gifford PT As a mom, it’s hard not to buy all of the cute shoes that are out for summer! They call to you from the aisles and at prices as cheap as 2 for $5 how can … Continue reading

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