Author: Becky Gonter-Dray RD, CSP, LD

  • Becky Gonter-Dray RD, CSP, LD

    Becky Gonter-Dray is Board Certified as a Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition and works part-time as a Dietitian Liaison and in the Nutrition Clinic (outpatient nutrition counseling) at Dayton Children’s. With her husband, Alex, the Gonter-Dray’s have 3 boys ages 8, 5 and 3. They enjoy trying new foods in their house and cooking in the kitchen together. Becky hopes to bring to the Dayton Children’s blog sound nutrition facts and information along with how to provide healthy options for today’s busy families by sharing some of her experiences.

Teaching your children to be responsible with technology

When I opened the Dayton Daily Newspaper and read Dr. Ramey’s article on Helping Kids Manage Their Electronic Worlds, I smiled.  Our oldest decided to use the monies he received from celebrations of his 1st Holy Communion and birthday to … Continue reading

What’s so great about the strawberry?

Living in Troy also means gearing up for Troy’s Annual Strawberry Festival every first weekend in June. Yes, we get the Strawberry painted on our driveway. And, you can find little Strawberry trinkets family and friends have given us over … Continue reading

A dietitian manages her own celiac disease

My pediatric dietitian friend and co-worker, Theresa Taylor, had been experiencing the following symptoms for years – with medical work ups and no answers: GI (stomach) related: reflux and abdominal pain Non GI related: joint pain, tingling in her legs … Continue reading

Grocery shopping 411

In our house, my husband and I juggle the grocery shopping.  We do it differently – 2 different ways to make the list, 2 different shopping routes and 2 varied times it takes to shop.  Read on and see who … Continue reading

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