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Age: Little Kids

Could your family escape in 2 minutes or less?

Every 86 seconds, a house fire breaks out in the U.S. Could your family get out in two minutes or less? That’s the amount of time that it takes for a close call to turn into a tragedy. If you … Continue reading

Fumes impact kids faster than adults

Many people turned on their heat recently to combat the chill of falling temperatures.  That means it’s a perfect time to take a few precautions to avoid the “silent killer” – carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless … Continue reading

Rules for safety on the school commute

Whether you walk, ride or drive, be safe getting to school School schedules are settling in, but don’t let your children get too comfortable with the commute and cut corners on safety.  Whether they walk, ride on a bus, in … Continue reading

5 things to know about therapy

The decision to seek mental health assistance is a tough one for many parents. Here is what you can expect. 1.Therapy is work.  You are seeking help because you are feeling overwhelmed and want someone to really appreciate your situation. … Continue reading

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