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Age: Little Kids

Good surfacing keeps children safer on the playground

Whether in your back yard, at school, or at a local park, playgrounds are a source of fun for a child. Unfortunately, many schools and park districts do not have the resources to constantly check on playground conditions, which is … Continue reading

The most important parenting factors

Older moms make better parents was one conclusion from a study lasting over 15 years that was just published in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology.  Simple questions sometimes have complex answers, and prospective parents need to be careful before … Continue reading

How to change kids’ self-defeating behavior

The problems exhibited by 9-year-old Zach were not particularly unusual. He fought with his twin brother, made lots of errors on his homework, and didn’t get along with kids on his baseball team. These issues were fairly easy to resolve. … Continue reading

The most effective learning strategies

Kids learn somewhat differently.  Many educators try to adjust their teaching style to their students’ preferred learning modality, typically categorized as either auditory, visual or kinesthetic.  When teachers connect with their students’ best way of learning, kids are more likely … Continue reading

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