A Safe Night's Sleep

Dayton Children’s Soon-to-be-Mommy Blogger: Jessica Saunders

I’m not going to find out whether my child is a boy or a girl – I like surprises.  I think this decision has helped me focus a little more on the basics instead of purchasing everything in sight that’s either blue or pink.

I remember when I was younger I would think about how much fun it was going to be decorating a nursery room with bright, colorful and beautifully coordinated mobiles, bumper pads, comforters, diaper holders and  crib sheets. Of course, I’ve always been fascinated by the posh Hollywood nurseries featured on the pages of pop culture magazines.  They seem to be  decorated for a prince or princess.    They look nice—even elegant—but they are not safe I’ve come to discover.

When it comes to a baby crib, one thing I’ve learned and will never forget is to keep it simple.

The number one killer of babies younger than 1-year- old is unsafe sleep practices.  In fact, one baby dies every 6 weeks in Montgomery County due to unsafe sleep practices.  These practices can range from rollover deaths (when a mother falls asleep and accidentally rolls on her child) to a child suffocating because there are too many soft items in the crib.  And generally, these deaths aren’t classified as SIDS – they are truly accidents that can be explained. And they are devastating.

So the mantra we use is ABC – a child should sleep A-Alone, B-on the Back and C – in a Crib.

And because I’ve talked with our emergency department staff who have been there when a parent realizes that their child died from something that could have been prevented – when it comes to preparing a crib for my baby I’m going to keep it simple – a safe crib with just a firm crib mattress and a crib sheet (at this point yellow or green).

My baby is due in January – of course the coldest time of the year – so I’ll make sure I have plenty of sleep sacks, warmer pajamas or swaddle blankets available to keep him or her warm – but the crib will be simple – and safe.


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    JP October 26, 2010

    I used sleep sacks a lot of winter for my son. I, too, am a freak about safety and was worried about him being warm but also concerned for his safety. Great topic Jessica!

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