A New Year's Resolution to fight childhood obesity

Dayton Children’s Mommy-to-Be Safety Blogger, Jessica Saunders

I mentioned in one of my first entries that I was hired as the injury prevention coordinator for Dayton Children’s.  Since I was hired, I’ve actually changed my role and am currently the community relations manager. While I still spend a large portion of my time doing injury prevention and my blog focuses on safety – each day at work brings something different and right now I’ve been doing a lot of work in the world of childhood obesity.

As a pregnant lady every day someone is sending me an article or website to look at giving me all sorts of advice.  One thing that has stuck out for me among the sea of suggestions is the importance of doing what I can while pregnant to protect my unborn child from obesity. While pregnant, I’ve been making a really concentrated effort to eat healthfully (only a couple pieces of chocolate here and there) and am trying hard to stick to gaining less than 30 pounds. These were some suggestions that I’ve gotten throughout my pregnancy.

As my baby grows, I’m going to make sure that activity is part of his or her lifestyle – starting right away.  We’ll also make sure Baby Saunders eats at least 5 fruits and/or veggies a day (once we’re through with breastfeeding) and that sugary drinks will be out of the picture! We also know that limiting television or screen time will be extremely important.

At Dayton Children’s we know that childhood obesity is a disease that we need to address today in order for children in our community to be healthy, active and successful adults. What is your family going to do in the new year to life a healthy and active lifestyle?

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